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Its been a long time i updated my blog, i was on 2go two days ago while i was try to figure something out while some of my 2go friends start to be requesting for how to get free 2go Credit so i tell them to give me some little time to figure something on it so i make a step and start making something on the run and later figure out how to get 1100 GOCredit for just #30 on 2go which will save you lots of money buying GoCredit every single hour this was just a simple trick that takes no time.

This trick comes in two steps if first step is not working for you please try the second steps one should surely work, Bellow i have explain it with the availability of screenshot.

How To Get Free 2go GoCredit At A LowCost

Please read the bellow steps carefully before trying it.

First Step

Make sure u have at least 30-50 naira on your phone then launch your 2go and click on Get GoCredit.

After clicking that click on 1100 GoCredit for #100 then when it says Allow sim to send message press no. And go back

and click on 300 GoCredit fo #30 then when it says Allow sim to send message press yes

and wait for confirmation SMS then check your profile you'll see 1100 GoCredit.

Second Step

This is merely same with first step but little different, just make sure you have 50-55 on your phone, now click on Get GoCredit

now click on 1100 GoCredit for #100 and press yes when it says Allow sim card to send message

and wait for confirmation sms, now check your profile and its done.

Note: You may need to restart your 2go to make the credit reflect. Repeat this step to get more, #90 3,300 go credit.

We get complains from some network that Its not working with them such as etisalat but it works well on MTN

Please let us know how it is with you by using the comment form bellow. And don't forget to share with your Friends.

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